Stopcocks Women Plumbers founder commended in the New Year's Honours

Hattie Hasan. Photo by Jim Fitton.
Hattie Hasan. Photo by Jim Fitton.

Hattie Hasan has been listed in the New Year’s Honours for her work  supporting and promoting women in the Heating and Plumbing Industry in UK.

The Todmorden resident launched Stopcocks Women Plumbers as a national franchise in 2017, after realising that women from across the UK were facing the same issues in the industry.

Her support has helped countless women gain qualifications, experience and jobs.

Around 23% of women ‘would have considered’ training to join the industry if they’d realised it was open to them, however women currently only make up one per cent of plumbers in the UK.

“I’m very grateful to be nominated and receive an honour. I feel it’s really important for ordinary people who’re quietly getting on with things to be recognised in this way.

"I hope me receiving this honour will shed some light on the issues facing women in the heating and plumbing industry and what Stopcocks Women Plumbers are doing.

"It’s brilliant that from our small HQ in Todmorden we’re able to make such a difference.”