Top train trip to Bentham station

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members of Mytholmroyd Station Partnership escorted the Deputy Mayor of Hebden Royd Town Council, Cllr Sue Fenton, to the outer reaches of Yorkshire: Bentham an interesting and active township between Lancaster and Morecambe that still manages to retain Yorkshire in its address.

Bentham Friends have been together eight years now and Mytholmroyd has been ‘twinned’ with them for three.

The group travelled, courtesy of Arriva North, on a train that arrived without a hitch at Bentham in time for a multi-presentation of gifts, projects and lunch.

Gerald, the leader of the group, introduced Richard Wilson the member who has designed a solar panel design project that will provide enough energy for lighting, heating and signage on the platforms.

A spokesman said: “We were delighted to witness the receipt of the funding from the Northern ‘Station Improvement Fund’.

“Next up during the day was a presentation to the deputy mayor of a colourful poster for Mytholmroyd Station platforms, but the highlight was a clock to go in ‘our’ station building.

“As a result of a recent announcement that the charity Station Building, Mytholmroyd (CIO 1174609) had been offered a 25-year lease for this iconic building for social and community use. The Mytholmroyd gang are delighted with this thoughtful gift.

“Gerald then showed us the newly installed water fountain for use by everyone.

“Martin displayed his hand-made innovative dog bowl ready for installation. We’re all bowled over with that!

“Thank you all for making is so welcome.”

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