Year 11 assembly celebrates end of school career

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Year 11 students at Calder High School had their final celebration assembly last month.

This was a super event consisting of memories of their time at Calder High, pictures of them from way back when in year seven and throughout their years at secondary school, as well as messages and surprises from staff.

The celebrations started after the students finished their English literature exam; they had a celebratory breakfast and had time to take part in the traditional shirt signing which is evident in the photographs.

Students then made their way to the Theatre where they were greeted with photos of themselves at age 11, there were a few extras too, their form tutors had also shared photographs of themselves at the same age!

Following many good luck messages, memories in photographs, video messages and clips together with speeches came the now customary “Little Miss & Mr Men” Awards; these are fun unisex awards given to students based on nominations by their form tutors and teachers. The grand finale of the Assembly was their Year Achievement Leader, Mrs Kaye, singing a re-worded version of an old classic I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

Mrs Kaye said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic and talented group of young people, they have kept me on my toes and kept me entertained for the last few years. I am so very proud of how hard they have worked and all that have and will achieve. Treating them to a little bit of entertainment Mrs Kaye style was a surprise they deserved and that is why I reworded the song I will survive.

“The words reflected some memories of them and the fact that they will survive the challenges of GCSEs and so much more as they make their journey through life.”

Incorporating British values

According to Ofsted, fundamental British values are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

At Calder High we endeavour to ensure that these values are incorporated into everything we do as part of our Cooperative status but we are not complacent. We regularly review our provision to ensure that we offer a broad and balanced curriculum here at school and have just participated in a review of British Values which considers a number of questions based on guidance from the DfE and other sources.

We are delighted to let you know that our curriculum is considered broad and balanced at a recent review.

Posh frocks and tuxedos at the ready for prom

Year 11 students at Calder High School are now counting down the days until their prom.

They are busy working their way through their GCSE exams having worked incredibly hard all year.

The exam season started in earnest in May and we know that they will continue to work very hard until they finish their last exam in June; then it is time to celebrate.

Posh frocks, tuxedos, glamour, glitz and spray tans will be all the rage as the students prepare for their promcelebrations.

There will be food, awards, dancing, a photobooth in which to capture lots of lovely shots of this great event.

It is also a chance for staff to spend reminiscing with the students and sharing with them a lovely evening which recognising their memories and achievements.

We are hoping for a lovely summers evening so that there will be lots of photographs as students arrive in style outside at The Venue in


Over the last few weeks there has been some very special golden tickets awarded as part of a random draw, in recognition of hard work, to celebrate good attendance and where students have demonstrated exemplary behaviour.

Flooding is hot topic

Year nine have been studying rivers and flooding.

They have focused on the specific causes and impacts of different flood events and methods of flood management.

As part of this 24 students had the opportunity to attend the science of flooding event in Hebden Bridge.