Perfect recipe for sparkling night

UCCA autumn 2013 fashion show - Emma Piszkalo on the catwalk
UCCA autumn 2013 fashion show - Emma Piszkalo on the catwalk

What makes for a good night out in Todmorden? For me, it starts by being with people I know and enjoy, writes Joe Trochan.

Add some really good music and a line-up of stunning entertainment, factor in a reason to be smartly dressed and donate the proceeds to a neighbourly good cause and, in my humble opinion, you have the ingredients for a really great evening, epitomised by the UCCA Autumn Fashion Show at Todmorden High School.

Shirley Fielder and her team of volunteers raised the bar on how to raise money for charity by providing a fun evening spreading really good intentions.

I watched as Loucas Giorgio and his Stone Hair Art Team prepared the young fashion models with glamorous hair styles reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden era. They were modelling wonderful displays created by Todmorden’s most ambitious and creative fashion industry people.

Hat Therapy topped my expectations with vibrant wrappings of colour, wrapped into soft folds of felt; classics. I felt the Roaring Twenties and the Flowering Sixties were coming back to life right there in the room. Halo, Todmorden’s high street fashion boutique, led the way with cocktail dresses in bold black and white prints - shimmering shiny elegance accented with the artistry of media makeup specialist Amy Scholfield.

Makepiece, raising and weaving their own wool, shifted the mood to delicacy with hand woven applications combined with large geometrics, all locally made. Underscoring the valley’s fine textiles tradition, Mike Kirk modelled his own creations of Darby Tweed and styled Confederate cotton reminding us all of Britain’s broad contribution to world fashion. International brands like F+F for Kids, from Tesco, and local brand Gordon Riggs showed classy timeless good taste through extra strong fabrications in the season’s colours.

The raffle included gifts donated by generous local businesses to help UCCA.

After the break, local companies like Molly and George, The Closet, Kitty Couture and The Independent Clothes shop continued the pace with cutting edge styles and trendy fashions for kids as well as for those of us who seek out the world’s finest fashions and names. Everyone was glowing as Beals dressed the men in everything from arctic wear for the stormy outdoors to cosy night wear for lounging by the open fire.

We’ll have even more fun at the next show, after the snow thaws and the spring fashions are in bloom.See you then!