Photographer is looking for Todmorden Carnival Queens of the past

The 2016 Carnival Queen Claire Ashworth
The 2016 Carnival Queen Claire Ashworth

If you have been a Carnival Queen in Todmorden since the event began in the 1950s, then you are invited to take part in a project which is looking to photograph portraits of more than 60 Carnival Queens.

The project was thought up by local photographer Nic Chapman, who owns the Little Picture Loft Photography Studio in Todmorden.

Nic started her search last year and she hopes to find all 63 queens of the past as she feels it is an important part of the town’s history.

Nic would like to celebrate the tradition of Carnival Queens by creating a large collage in time for next year’s carnival.

Claire Ashworth, Carnival Queen of 2016, said: “Todmorden is a beautiful place, filled with some lovely generous people. Get involved in any way possible - if the tiara fits, then wear it with a smile.”

If you have been a Carnival Queen or know someone who has, then get in touch with Nic by calling 07540 657458 or emailing

If you would like to be the 2017 queen, contact or apply on the website at