Pioneering the new dimension

Mr Gregg with his 3D camera
Mr Gregg with his 3D camera

THE upper Calder Valley could have a big part to play in the future of the British three dimensional (3D) film industry if a local businessman gets his way.

H Gregg, who runs 3D Media Productions and is set to become the first Hebden Bridge resident to make a 3D documentary, is appealing to film enthusiasts to help him with the production of his historical educational piece on the Bronte sisters, which will be shot in Haworth.

Although it will be unpaid work, in return Mr Gregg will pass on his self-taught knowledge of 3D filming, and become part of local history.

“I want to make a 3D documentary about the Bronte sisters, which will be shot at various locations in Haworth, including the museum, which can be sold in Japan and other countries,” he said. “There’s a lot of interest worldwide in the Brontes and in Japan, especially, they use their books as an educational tool, so it would be great to tap into that market.

“I’m working on an almost zero budget, but all I need is a couple of people with a passion for making film and video who want to be part of the future of this industry.”

Mr Gregg’s idea for filming in 3D started when he heard Brian May from the band Queen talking about his interest in 3D photography on the radio around a year ago.

After researching the concept and taking thousands of stereoscopic photos, he then had a chance meeting last September with Walt Disney’s technical director in the United Kingdom, who convinced him that there was a serious shortage of content for the burgeoning 3D TV industry.

Now he believes that the upper Calder Valley has the opportunity to be at the forefront of the 3D revolution.

Mr Gregg said: “I hope the documentary will eventually bring in enough money to finance a full length feature film and in the long term, I’d love to do show a film in 3D in the Hebden Bridge Picture House. It would also be great if there was a 3D film industry based here in Hebden Bridge.”

Indoor filming for the Bronte documentary starts in mid-March and outdoor filming will start later in the month - depending on the weather.

Anyone interested in the project can contact Mr Gregg via email or call 07849 843918. For more information visit

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