Pirates head for Duck Race!

Captain Matt puts you in the picture...
Captain Matt puts you in the picture...

Avast me hearties, the pirates are coming!

If Hebden Bridge Duck Race Day wasn’t exciting enough, now Hebden’s town hall is going to be invaded by pirates on April 6!

This band of sea faring ne’er do wells, will be led by Captain Matt Howarth who, before turning to piracy, was a BAFTA nominated TV special effects expert and he will be bringing those old skills to bear on the day, putting young pirates into wanted posters.

“These techniques are used in many films,” said Matt “especially films like Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“We photograph the pirate against green, then we can make the green disappear and we can put the pirate where ever we want. In this case, we will put them into a wanted poster!”

People are encouraged to come dressed as pirates, but if your wardrobe is lacking a pirate hat and an eye patch, Matt and his motley crew will be happy to oblige.

Aside from the wanted posters, there will be other pirate-inspired fun to keep you entertained.