Plans to tackle floods with more trees

Flood-hit Mytholmroyd on Boxing Day
Flood-hit Mytholmroyd on Boxing Day

Plans to double the number of trees planted in the Calder Valley have been announced by local group Treesponsibility with backing from the Woodland Trust through the Trees for Yorkshire programme.

Treesponsibility, who plant over 12 acres of new woodland per year, have been active in tree planting for flood mitigation, and work in partnership with the Environment Agency, Calderdale Council and the National Trust.

Treesponsibility co-ordinator, Dongria Khond, said: “Following the worst floods in living memory many local people are asking what can be done to reduce the effects of future heavy rainfall events and more trees are definitely part of the answer.

“They play a particularly important role in minimising landslippages and in increasing the soil’s capacity to hold water in heavy rainfall events.

“In a flood inches can count – we might not be able to stop flooding, but keeping it below the level of the flood boards would make a big difference.

“We are really grateful to the Woodland Trust for backing our plans, but if we are going to scale up to 25,000 trees per year we will need more local people to help with the extra planting, and above all we rely on local landowners offering sites to plant.”

Anyone interested in volunteering or offering land can contact Dongria on 07847 815926 or email

There will be a meeting in Hebden Bridge Trades Club on February 11 at 7pm where visitors can find out more ways of getting involved.

There are numerous public planting days already arranged between now and April and additional plantings can be arranged for groups and schools.