Police trio win award for saving man’s life

PC Ryan Stockton receives his special commendation award
PC Ryan Stockton receives his special commendation award

A TRIO of officers have been recognised for their outstanding bravery at a special awards ceremony.

PCs Ryan Stockton, Angela Lister and Gregory Peel were all awarded Assistant Chief Constable’s Commendations after going into a burning building on School Lane, Todmorden, to pull a man to safety, saving his life.

The incident happened on February 18, 2012, when the officers were flagged down by a local man who took them to a flat that was on fire. It was established that a man was still inside the property and the trio set about saving him.

PCs Stockton and Lister went into the lounge and found the man as PC Peel searched other rooms.

Chief Superintendent Chris Hardern, Divisional Commander for Calderdale Police, praised their actions.

“In doing what they did PCs Stockton, Lister and Peel demonstrated the very highest standards the public expects of officers.

“They have risked their own safety by entering a burning building with smoke so thick they could hardly see in front of them before saving a man’s life,” he said.

“Their actions were in the very finest traditions of West Yorkshire Police.

“Had it not been for their actions it is very likely this man would not be alive now.

“I am very proud that we have officers of this calibre working in Calderdale and serving the community.”