Election: Latest party candidates for Halifax and Calder Valley

The General Election secured by Prime Minister Boris Johnson will see party leaders travel the country in search of votes on December 12.

Being dubbed by many as the real battle, the North will be key to all major parties involved in the snap election, and could tilt the scales of what impact will be on the rest of the country.

Voters will be heading to the ballot box on December 12

Voters will be heading to the ballot box on December 12

PM Johnson will look to increase his party's number, which currently do not have enough MPs to easily pass new laws.

As a result, the Tories have drawn up a list of 40 key seats they will target, mainly in the North and Midlands, which have large working class populations.

At this time, the Conservatives have not released any information on who will be standing for the prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Halifax, known as a Labour stronghold.

Halifax Labour MP Holly Lynch has confirmed she will be re-standing on December 12, who won a majority in the previous election - at 5,376.

James Baker will be standing for the Liberal Democrats, while Sarah Wood will be Halifax's PPC for the Brexit Party.

For the Green Party, there is currently no information on who is standing in Halifax, but the party have confirmed they are supporting Josh Fenton-Glyn, who is standing as Labour candidate for the Calder Valley.

Mr Fenton-Glyn will pick his wits against Conservative Craig Whittaker, who has been the Calder Valley MP since 2010, beating his main rival in the 2017 election by a slim majority of 609.

In a bid to win the Calder Valley seat, the Lib Dems are backing Javed Bashir, while the PPC for the Brexit Party is Philip James.

It was think tank Onward which stated northern rugby-league towns would be where the battle is fought.