Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher was a “very nice lady” who paved the way for women, says councillor

Baroness Thatcher, who died today aged 87
Baroness Thatcher, who died today aged 87

Calderdale Councillors have shared their memories of Baroness Margaret Thatcher who died today aged 87 following a stroke.

Mayor of Calderdale John Hardy, who is a Conservative councillor, met the former Prime Minister several times at party conferences and said he always found her to be a caring woman.

“I met her in 1979 and later at party conferences. She was a very nice lady to deal with,” he said.

“Whenever there was a tragedy in the country, during her time in office, she was always there in person as soon as possible. She led from the front.

“She was the one who broke the mould for women. She showed that in a man’s world a woman was just as capable. So many women managing businesses today wouldn’t be doing that now if it wasn’t for Baroness Thatcher.”

Councillor Hardy said the former Prime Minister turned the country around when she came to power in 1979.

“The decision to go to the Falklands was a courageous one and privatisation has led to lower bills pro rata for home owners,” he said.

“Overall, the majority of things she undertook were good for this country. She really was a great briton.”

Conservative councillor John Ford (Elland) first met the former Prime Minister when he was running as MP for Calder Valley in the 1979 General Election when Baroness Thatcher came to power.

“It’s very, very sad that she has died, The contribution that she made was just outstanding. She was a conviction leader and such leaders gain respect from allies and opponents.”

Andrew Tagg, chairman of the Calderdale Conservative Association, said: “The passing of Baroness Thatcher is greeted with great sadness. She was probably the greatest Prime Minister of the post-war era.

“On behalf of the association I would like to offer condolences to the family. She was a great leader and a great Prime Minister.”