General Election in Calderdale: what you need to know

Calderdale General Election
Calderdale General Election

Calderdale Council have released information concerning audiences wanting to attend the General Election count on December 12.

The General Election count in Calderdale - for the Calder Valley and Halifax constituencies - will take place at North Bridge Leisure Centre, on North Bridge Street.

Media access to the centre will be available from 10pm.

It is expected the count itself will not start until around 12.30am.

So it is recommended attendees arrive at 12.30am.

The count is estimated to finish around 5am on December 13, but this could change.

A spokesperson from the Calderdale Council confirmed General Election nominations for prospective parliamentary candidates ends today at 5pm.

If you would like to attend the count, email by 5pm on Friday 29 November with the following details:

The full names and contact details of all attendees;

The organisation being represented;

The expected arrival time of the attendee(s) at North Bridge Leisure Centre.

If you are present at the count, please note the following requirements:

Bring a valid form of photographic ID, such as a driving licence or media pass;

There is a reserved area on the balcony in North Bridge Leisure Centre for members of the media;

If you wish to enter the count floor, a member of the Council’s communications team will accompany you at all times;

You must not film or take close-up photos of any ballot papers which show how a vote may have been cast;

If TV cameras are being used, avoid undue light, glare, heat or movement that could impair the efficiency of the count;

Do not use telescopic lenses which might feature individual ballot papers or the state of the count until the count has been completed.

Alternatively, you can call the council's communications team on: 01422 393065.