Prospects has bright future

The new director of Pennine Prospects is viewing the future with a sense of optimism.

Mark Turner feels the shift from a regional to a local perspective may offer exciting new opportunities for the rural regeneration partnership that straddles the Pennines.

“The vision I have is one based on sustainable development,” he said.

“We can create a model of sustainable development here that can offer lessons and ideas for other places in the country.”

Mr Turner said Pennine Prospects has funding from LEADER and the Heritage Lottery Fund until 2014, both programmes on which it can build,

He has 16 years of regeneration experience on the Mersey Basin Campaign, a 25-year project to improve the water quality in rivers and waterways and encourage waterside regeneration in the North West.

Pennine Prospects supports a range of projects aimed at opening up the countryside for use by people from near and far.