Pulled out of a taxi and beaten

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Two men have been jailed after a nightclubber was pulled from a taxi and subjected to a sustained attack in a Todmorden street.

The premeditated attack on David Brierley involved punches and kicks as he lay on the ground and a court heard that he had suffered three fractured teeth which required hundreds of pounds worth of dental treatment.

Bradford Crown Court heard that there was “a history” between Mr Brierley and one of his attackers, Fesal Mahmood, and the two men came across each other 18 months ago when the complainant left the Venue nightspot in the early hours to have a cigarette.

Prosecutor Peter Byrne said Mahmood was with Atikul Islam and another man in a new BMW vehicle when Mr Brierley saw them.

Mahmood, 24, of Wellington Road, Todmorden, was in the driving seat and Mr Brierley suggested “in banter” that it wasn’t his car.

The defendant said it was and drove off, but when Mr Brierley got into a taxi after his night out it was overtaken by another smaller car which pulled in front causing the cab driver to brake suddenly.

Mr Byrne said that Mahmood and 26-year-old Islam, also of Wellington Road, must have been lying in wait for the complainant to leave the club and they had obviously changed vehicles.

Mahmood opened the passenger door of the taxi and began punching Mr Brierley before he was pulled from the vehicle and attacked on the ground.

Mr Byrne said the complainant believed he was struck about 20 times before another man shouted he’s had enough and the attack stopped.

Mr Brierley suffered swelling, bruising and cuts as well as the damage to his teeth which cost more than £300 to fix.

Mahmood and Islam were arrested following the attack in March last year, but they did not plead guilty to the assault charge until their trial was listed last month. Barrister Michael Jowett, for Mahmood, said he accepted that his behaviour was wholly unacceptable and it must not happen again. Mr Jowett and Islam’s barrister Lorraine Harris both urged Judge Mark Savill to consider suspending any prison sentences, but the judge told the defendants they would each receive 15-month jail terms for the assault.

The judge said it had been a premeditated and sustained attack which had been committed in front of a frightened taxi driver and another female passenger.

Judge Savill said the defendants had to be sentenced on the basis of a “joint enterprise attack” and added: “It is a very serious matter to kick someone in the head and face while they are on the ground.”