Ready to defend it

PEOPLE are ready to fight for their library if it comes under threat of cuts.

Organiser of the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Todmorden Library at the Bear cafe on Tuesday, Steph Booth, said the meeting was packed and those present had a lively and informed discussion about the likely impact of Calderdale Council budget cuts on the library service and on Todmorden in particular.

The meeting was keen to set up the campaign to ensure Todmorden library and other smaller libraries in the district, like Walsden, remained open and able to continue providing a good service. The meeting was reminded this round of cuts was only the first in a four year programme.

The library in Todmorden is the last free public space in the town that provides for every member of the community, said Steph.

More ways to use this space as well the other services, were high on the agenda. It was decided a data base with contact details of those supporting the campaign should be created.

Anyone who wants to be involved in the campaign can leave their contact details at the library and these will be collected and added to the list.