Resident hits out at ‘extremely rude’ dog owners

A RESIDENT has criticised dog owners who let their animals foul in the grounds of her home.

Christiane Burns, who lives in sheltered housing at Roomfield House, Todmorden, said she often sees people walking their dogs through the grassy areas of the complex in the early morning and letting them foul.

“It’s extremely rude,” Christiane said.

“Would they like someone taking a dog to do its business outside their home?

“It’s very unpleasant for the people who cut the grass.

“I think people should be asked to refrain from taking their dogs into our grounds. It’s not a park.”

Christiane, a keen gardener, has had to remove dog excrement from planting beds outside her home.

She has asked the support officer if signs can be put up to discourage people walking dogs in the grounds.