Residents seek action over build-up of rubbish

Rubbish on Oxford Street, Todmorden
Rubbish on Oxford Street, Todmorden

RESIDENTS are worried about the risk to their health due to rubbish building up outside their homes.

Litter and food waste accumulating on the cobbles behind houses on Oxford Street, Todmorden, is attracting rats.

Now residents are calling on Calderdale Council to take action to improve the situation.

Tracey Teasdale, who lives on the street, said the situation is so bad she dare not let her grandchildren play outside when they come to see her.

In recent weeks she has found various unhygienic items on the street including sanitary towels.

“It’s been going on for a long time,” she said.

“I wake up in a morning and it puts me off my breakfast.

“Food has been there throughout the summer.

“You can see where rats have gnawed at the bags.

“I used to sweep out there but I don’t do it any more.

“Once you have cleared it, you have to sweep it again.

“I won’t let my grandchildren play outside.

“You can’t let little kids walk up and down in that.”

Tracey has reported the matter to Customer First, who she said have been very helpful.

She is hoping there will be more regular collections in the future to prevent the build-up of rubbish on the street.

A spokesman for Calderdale Council said it is looking into the matter.

“We are investigating the complaint with a view to see what further action can be taken,” he said.