Residents step up road safety concern campaign

Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker with campaigners
Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker with campaigners

Villagers have stepped up their campaign for more road sfaety measures.

Residents in Cornholme and Portsmouth have ongoing road safety concerns and have now raised these with Calder Valley Conservative MP Craig Whittaker.

Cornholme Road Safety Campaign has concerns over speeding drivers and are urging Calderdale Council to make safety improvements.

Todmorden ward Labour Coun Susan Press lobbied Calderdale Council on the matter last autumn and now Mr Whittaker has taken up the issue with the council’s deputy leader, Coun Scott Benton.

Mr Whittaker said: “Road safety is a significant concern on the Burnley Road through Cornholme and Portsmouth.

“Vehicles are travelling at speeds far in excess of the speed limit and the lack of any crossing point is causing real concern for residents who are having great difficulty crossing the road.

“I have spoken to the Deputy Leader of the Council about this and I understand that the 20mph zone for the Todmorden area will now be introduced in September this year.

“I would encourage all local residents to contact the council to ensure that their views are heard with regard to which areas will be including in the zone.

“Following our meeting, the council have also agreed to conduct extra speed checks in the area and are looking at the possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing.”

Residents say there are currently no “30 miles per hour” signs making it clear that Cornholme and Portsmouth are residential areas - only an old “Drive Carefully” sign which is partly hidden by foliage in the summer

They add that “blind corners” for residents pulling out onto the Burnley Road also said to pose a constant danger – residents would like to see mirrors installed to help them judge if it is safe to maneovre. HGVs loading and unloading at the Frostholme Mill furniture factory add to the issues.

Campaigners also point out that other villages in the Calder Valley like Blackshawhead and Pecket Well have benefitted from proper signage and traffic calming measures.

Last September Coun Press said there had been several road accidents in Cornholme. She said older and disabled people had told here they were scared of crossing the road to get to the Post Office or shops because of the speed of traffic - and even random police speed checks had not altered drivers’ behaviour.

The council’s Highways department had told her at that point that installation of a pedestrian crossing was unlikely.