Residents will be consulted, pledges turbine plan company

RESIDENTS concerned over the prospect of having large wind farm on their doorstep will be kept informed of proposals and have some input as the scheme is fine-tuned, say the developers.

Last week the Todmorden News reported residents’ concerns over proposals by Kelda Water Services, whose subsidiary Yorkshire Water operate the Gorpley Reservoir above Bacup Road, Todmorden, to develop a wind farm of up to seven 125 metre 3MW turbines there.

Martyn Basierak, communications manager for the Kelda group, said residents would have some input and outlinerd the company’s reasons for developing a wind farm.

Although a scoping report compiled by the company’s agents for Calderdale Council said a planning application would be forthcoming this summer, it is more likely to be autumn, he said.

“We want to have an open and transparent consultation process. We want to have an initial consultation, possible two exhibitions locally and would present our preliminary plans,” he said.

“For example we would want to get feedback on issues such as the height of the turbines and how the site would look. Then there would be a final consultation to see the final plans. In tandem with this we would have awebsite with ongoing information and newsletters.”

Mr Basierak said there were two issues which had prompted the company to seek permission for a wind farm.

“Yorkshire Water is a high energy user with a £45 million a year energy bill and it is not sustainable for customers’ bills in the future, which is why we are looking to produce our own energy.

“There is also the eco impact with having to buy in less. Any energy we could produce from this could go into powering infrastructure so, for example, people’s waste can be taken away safely.”

Resident Mr Steve Bottomley raised concerns about the prospect of a wind farm last week and has already received some responses. He can be contacted on

Mr Bottomley has also urged people to sign a national on-line petition about the turbine issue, which can be accessed at