Reward for hero who rescued fire starter

A woman who set fire to her ex-partner’s belongings when he told her he was dumping her has been given a community order.

Sophia Cassidy, 20, from Halifax Road in Todmorden, started the blaze at the house they rented in Nutfield Street in March last year when her partner told her he was moving out.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Cassidy burned bin bags belonging to him after he told her their relationship was over.

He packed his bags and went to meet friends, before phoning her to tell her he was coming for his belongings.

He returned to find the downstairs of the house burning, unaware that Cassidy had sent him a text message saying; “My time has come.

“I don’t want to hurt you any more. May be death is my destiny.”

She had to be dragged from the flaming property by a passer-by, self employed builder Shaun Aspinall.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said that Mr Aspinall was a hero and rewarded him with £1,000 for his bravery.

“There’s a young gentleman called Shaun Aspinall who saved your life.

“I commend him to the highest degree,” he said.

Turning to Cassidy, he said: “It’s my job to serve the public in the area between Bradford and Todmorden and I take a dim view of anybody who tries to burn it down.

“You’re clearly very troubled, but I don’t think you will do this again.”

Cassidy was given a two-year community order and a two-year supervision order.