Safety warning ahead of big event

ORGANISERS have reiterated a safety warning to young people ahead of Todmorden Agricultural Show this weekend.

This year’s show, staged by Todmorden Agricultural Society, takes place on Saturday, June 18, at Centre Vale Park, Burnley Road, Todmorden.

Each year the show committee feel they have to renew safety warnings to youngsters tempted to use the tents, which are put up ahead of the event, as climbing frames or slides - it could prove fatal.

Secretary Rob Goldthorpe asked parents to ensure that children knew of the dangers of climbing on the tents as there was the risk of falling and landing on spikes on tent poles. Mr Goldthorpe said: “I would urge parents to ask where their children are and what they are doing. Do they know what would happen if they fell 30 feet to the ground, or landed on one of the spikes?” he said.

In addition to a wide range of attractions, this year’s show sees the revival of an evening event.