Sainsbury’s appeal ‘fairly soon’

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A DATE for the public inquiry into Sainsbury’s application to build a supermarket in Todmorden could be announced soon.

Anne Markwell, planning services officer at Calderdale Council, said that the Planning Inspectorate is trying to arrange a hearing “fairly quickly”.

During a talk to Todmorden Town Council’s development committee, she advised councillors not to attach too much significance to petitions against planning applications.

“A petition is absolutely fine, but don’t ever think that the more signatures you get, the more that will sway the argument,” she said.

“We study petitions very closely. When we look at them, some people who have signed it don’t live in the area.

“It has very little meaning.

“As a local authority, we don’t do ‘clap-ometer’ planning.

“You can have hundreds of objectors to a scheme but that doesn’t mean an application should be refused.”