Sainsbury’s unveil new store design

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Sainsbury’s has revealed a new look design for its proposed store off Halifax Road, Todmorden.

The entrance has been re-located with direct access onto Halifax Road to encourage people to visit the town centre.

Stone and timber would be used on the store building.

The customer restaurant has been moved to overlook the canal.

Kevin Macmillan, development manager for Sainsbury’s, said: “As a direct result of feedback from the community and conversations with the council and other local representatives we’ve re-designed the store.

“The store’s roofline has been lowered and we’ve incorporated north lights which increase the natural light into the store.

“Many people told us that they wanted the customer restaurant to overlook the canal, which we thought was a good idea.”

Instead of a mains gas supply, Sainsbury’s proposes to include a biomass boiler, which would generate 100 per cent of the store’s space and heating demands.

Mr Macmillan said: “Information leaflets detailing the new plans, along with freepost feedback forms, will be delivered to around 8,000 houses in the local area.

“We want to know what people think of the revised plans.”

Anyone who would like a leaflet is asked to email or call 0800 3196162. The proposals will soon be available to view on the website

Do you think the new design is an improvement on the initial plans? Email your views to