Salon’s own ‘perfect’ makeover

The Stone Hair Art team in their new shop in Todmorden
The Stone Hair Art team in their new shop in Todmorden

You could be in a spa in Monaco or London, Beverly Hills or the hills of Cyprus; you’re sipping fresh cappuccino over beautiful Italian marble while discussing your new hair style...but in fact you’re still right here in Todmorden.

Sometimes home is where the heart is, but by moving to different premises just 50 metres away, Loucas Gorgio and Trevor Harding aim to give glamour and style a facelift with the opening of the new location for their award-winning hair salon, Stone Hair Art, at Burnley Road, Todmorden.

Located across from Todmorden Market Hall, “it’s just a stone’s throw away, literally!” Trevor explained, saying he and partner Loucas have always loved the new building.

“We used to have breakfasts there, when it was Costermongers.

“We’ve purchased the building and transformed it into our dream.”

Artistic director Loucas said: “We were inspired for the salon’s design by our travels. Florence, New York, Paris, London and the Med; we wanted to create that feeling for our clients here in Todmorden.

“When you step inside a salon it should transport you to another reality, an oasis where superbly trained staff with creative imaginations, perfect makeovers just for you.”

Hence at the new Stone Hair Art glamour comes with a warm northern glow. Reflections from glistening chandleries surround you as you take in the delicate art on the walls.

”A great salon knows how to bring out the luxurious you, the inspired you. Some people think you can do that with just a chair and a sink and some scissors,” said Loucas.

“I don’t agree, today people are more chic and worldly, they want something more sophisticated. It takes an investment if you want people to feel that special quality and warmly welcomed.”

Trevor said the move and makeover had enabled them to realise their hopes while remaining in the town they’ve come to love.

“Our salon is a masterpiece; we make you to feel like a million when you walk in.

“We want to surround you with elegance, grace and beauty, and set a mood where you’re truly inspired to develop your unique style,” he said.