Sarah’s family fly out for inquest

ANYONE who would like to say goodbye to say a final goodbye to Sarah Royle is being urged to do so by Saturday.

The family of Sarah, who lived in Hebden Bridge, is travelling to Singapore on Sunday to attend the inquest into her death.

While they are there, Sarah’s sisters, Jo and Premsa and their families from Todmorden, and her Australian boyfriend, will visit the site where she died in June 2010 to lay some flowers and ribbons.

Jo said: “However hard this is going to be it is something we have to do to gain closure so our minds are not wondering, left open to horrors of what may have been.

“What we find out will be hard and upsetting and bring it all back, but afterwards we hope we can move on.

“It is going to be very hard, but one of Sarah’s friends, Kala Wild, thought she would like to write Sarah a message on a ribbon, and that we could tie the ribbon where she fell.

“Sarah would love this gesture. We love it and big thanks to Kala for such a love-inspired idea for her special friend.

“This way all Sarah’s friends will be in Singapore with us and with her.

“Singapore is very strict about no chewing gum or any kind of trash anywhere, so we may not be allowed to leave them there.

“But, we are going to take them with us as support and find somewhere to put them.”

Anyone who wants to write Sarah a message on a ribbon is urged to drop them off with Sarah’s friend Hannah Anstee’s at Joyce’s Closet on Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge, by 2pm on Saturday.