Science day was both fun and tasty

Children taking part in an activity as part of Ferney Lee School's science day
Children taking part in an activity as part of Ferney Lee School's science day

Children designed paper aeroplanes and investigated how different materials react in water during a science day.

Youngsters at Ferney Lee School were arranged into mixed age groups to take part in a total of 15 scientific investigations during the action-packed day.

Activities included creating and observing the effects of static electricity and having a go at some sleuthing by learning about fingerprinting and invisible writing.

Headteacher Pauline Brogan-Hewitt said: “It was a fabulous day.

“The children worked extremely well together and learned a phenomenal amount of science through having fun.

“This is a brilliant example of our creative curriculum.”

Other activities involved making the longest food chain possible and investigating the colour spectrum.

Of particular interest with the children was a scientific workshop about popcorn which proved both educational and tasty.

One pupil said: “I could not believe there was water inside the popcorn and that’s what made it pop. I never knew popcorn was so interesting.”

Pupils in the foundation stage also got involved by making gloop from a corn flour mix.

Children saw the effect of melting different coloured ice cubes together to observe colour mixing. They also had the challenge of keeping a teddy bear dry by providing it with waterproof clothing.

The day ended with a whole school assembly in which children had the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the scientific principles behind the fun events of the day.

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