Selfie Queen’s new outlook

Kelly before and after she lost the weight
Kelly before and after she lost the weight

A self-confessed selfie queen has changed her life and her outlook by losing more than two stone in weight and gaining camera confidence.

Kelly Owen, 33, is relaunching a Slimming World group at Todmorden Cricket Club in September to help other people achieve the same success she has had.

The mum of twins, who started losing weight in January, said: “I’d always been the bigger friend, my weight had yo-yo’d for a long time and I’d tried lots of ways to lose weight without success.

“Social media is such a big thing these days and whenever I saw my photo posted on Facebook my heart sank.”

How Kelly was feeling about herself was having an impact on her confidence and energy levels as a mum, so she decided to join her local Slimming World group.

She said: “I was nervous before first joining as I didn’t know anyone and was feeling really embarrassed that I had gotten so big.

“But I received a lovely warm welcome from the consultant and the other members and have never looked back.”

By changing the way she shops, cooks and eats, Kelly lost 6.5lbs in her first week and that number has been growing ever since.

Kelly has also increased the amount she exercises. She said: “I’ve played netball for some time but my energy levels have increased so much with the weight loss, I’m no longer self-conscious in my netball kit and have even joined the ladies cricket team and TRX training, something I wouldn’t have contemplated just eight months ago.”

Kelly is loving her family time with more energy to run around after her three-year-olds and now loves social media. She said: “I’m now a full blown selfie queen and proud of it.”

Kelly’s Slimming World class starts at Todmorden Cricket Club on Thursday, September 1, at 7pm.