Service comes to an end for some

CANDIDATES saw the highs and lows of local politics when the results came in for the 36 Hebden Royd and Todmorden wards.

Hebden Royd’s hotly-contested Fairfield ward saw joy for Susan Press, Richard Scorer and Nigel James Yorke, who were all elected in a Labour clean sweep, and heartache for Deputy Mayor Lesley Jones and Mayoress Catherine Groves, who both lost their seats.

There was also double celebrations for Dave Young, who not only won a seat on Calderdale, but also successfully defended his Birchcliffe ward.

In Todmorden long-serving councillors who lost their seats included Rob and Ruth Goldthorpe in the Langfield ward, Phil Walters in the Stoodley ward, Joe Rez in the Cornholme ward, Julie Stansfield in the Central ward and Ian Davey in Walsden.

Returning to the council is Labour stalwart Frank McManus in the Stoodley ward.