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New consultant at Todmorden Health Centre, Andrew Hardy
New consultant at Todmorden Health Centre, Andrew Hardy
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A NEW service for patients is being started at the Todmorden Health Centre as the centre celebrates its second anniversary this week.

From April 21, there will be a clinic at the centre for patients with lung and respiratory conditions.

Dr Andy Hardy, consultant in respiratory medicine, pictured, will be taking the clinic.

The new clinics add to an increasing number of services at the Centre, which opened in March 2009 to provide hospital healthcare closer to patients’ homes especially for residents of Todmorden and the Upper Calder Valley.

Patients can get now get care for a range of conditions and diagnostics tests at the health centre – including ophthalmology, audiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, including ante-natal clinics, and paediatric outpatients and medical outpatient and surgical outpatients.

Blood tests can also now be taken there so patients no longer have to travel to Calderdale Royal Hospital saving time and costs.

Patients are encouraged to always ask their GPs for a referral to the centre if possible.