Slight fall for council tax bills

HOUSEHOLDERS will see a slight reduction in their council tax bill in the next financial year.

Last week, Todmorden Town Council set a precept levy of £186,385 on Calderdale Council for 2012/13, which works out at £35.81 per household based on Band D.

This is a reduction of 5p on last year’s equivalent figure.

Coun David O’Neill said: “All members are mindful that in this climate the people of Todmorden expect to see the headline that Todmorden Town Council has tried to keep the precept as similar to last year as possible to help them with their payments.”

Coun Ian Cooper said: “In these times it would be sensible to adopt a prudent approach to the way we set this precept.

“If possible, I would like to see this council set a precept that was no higher than the previous year.”

While trying to keep the precept as similar to last year as possible, members were also mindful of the need to maintain the council’s reserves.

Coun John Lockhart warned against treating the reserves as a “slush fund” for current expenditure.