So many ways to celebrate!

Riverside School's wonderful rainbow effect for World Book Day
Riverside School's wonderful rainbow effect for World Book Day

FICTIONAL characters, a rainbow and a tree were used to celebrate World Book Day in the upper Calder Valley.

Events were held at schools and book shops on the day when one million books were given away across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Among local schools taking part were Cragg Vale Primary School, where each year dressed up as characters from famous books. The themes were Fairytale, Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl.

Headteacher Carole Lobley said: “It was a very successful day and all the children and staff enjoyed dressing up.”

Harry Potter, Buzz Lightyear and several princesses and pirates were spotted at St Joseph’s Primary School in Todmorden.

A special assembly was held and later in the day the older pupils read stories to the younger children.

Headteacher Maria Cooper said: “It was wonderful. It’s an exciting way of encouraging the children to read.”

At Riverside Primary School, Hebden Bridge, children and teachers dressed up in different colours to represent their ‘Rainbow Nation’, while newly appointed head teacher Val Eggleton was dressed as the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.

The children were also involved in book-related activities, including a ‘design a bookmark’ competition, discussing favourite characters and authors and writing book reviews.

Susan Bradshaw, the school’s business manager, said: “The vibrant colours of the children’s costumes really brightened up the school and the children thoroughly enjoyed their day, as did the staff.”

Pupils and staff at Burnley Road Primary School, Mytholmroyd, also dressed up as famous book characters. There was also a special assembly, attended by parents, where the best dressed pupil from each class received a prize.

Headteacher Pam Saville said: “Each of the teachers planned an activity related to a different book and throughout the day each class took part in the various workshops. Both the teachers and the children really enjoyed it.”

At the Book Case on Market Street, children created a book tree by decorating leaves with pictures inspired by their favourite book or character.

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