Some extra help may soon be on the way

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DOES your group or organisation need a bit of extra help? If so, it may be at hand.

The Upper Calder Charities Assist (UCCA) are appealing for applications of grants and charitable aid from local people and organisations.

As the new financial year has commenced, UCCA have allocated £2,000 to be distributed throughout the local community to those in need.

Carolyn Hall, UCCA’s treasurer said UCCA had we have given funds for amounts as little as £50 raising to £500 at the higher end.

Organisation and events co-ordinator Antony Law said they hoped to let more people know what UCCA is and what it does.

“We fundraise through events locally - like the recent fashion show and the fast approaching Todmorden Tea - and with these funds we are able to distribute monies to local organisations and people who are in need of financial support.

“Previously we have helped organisations like the scouts, who are raising money for a mini bus, and elderly people who require mobility assistance.

“All we ask is that you call Shirley on 07852 355111 or email outlining who you are, what your situation is, why you may need help and how much you may need, or what you may need.”

The UCCA team would also welcome some extra help in running the events.

If you would like to volunteer, then contact a member of the committee to discuss how you could help.

UCCA are currently seeking helpers for the Todmorden Tea jubilee celebrations on June 4.