Sort out the yellow lines, council urged

Yellow lines are causing safety campaigners headaches in and around Todmorden.

At its last meeting Todmorden Accident Prevention Council campaigners heard they were having trouble getting parking restriction in place at a location they feel is causing a lot of concern, where in others there were not just double yellow lines but four of them!

This was hampering Calderdale Parking Services’ ability to effectively enforce parking restrictions, they said.

For some time members have been concerned about parked vehicles obstructing the view of drivers exiting Pexwood Road into Burnley Road. Recently traffic signals have been in place at the site and these caused additional problems.

Calderdale Parking Services have written to the council previously advising them that as there are no yellow line restrictions in the area, they were unable to deal with matters at the location.

Members agreed double yellow lines should be provided at the junction of Pexwood Road and Bacup Road and additionally on almost the entire length of the road from the Bacup Road junction with Rochdale Road to beyond the row of terraced homes beyond Pexwood Road towards Bacup on at least one side of the carriageway. They have written to Calderdale Highways asking them to give consideration to their request.

On another issue, members pointed out that yellow lines in parts of Todmorden were in urgent need of a repaint. Calderdale Parking Services’ yellow line painting machine had been in Todmorden recently but they felt a full check of all lines had not been carried out so that all lines would support a prosecution of any vehicle driver caught offending.

Secretary Mr Derrick Kershaw also pointed out that there were now four, almost parallel, lines across the entrance to Ferney Lee Old People’s Home on Ferney Lee Road and some of these lines required burning off.

The inability to enforce parking controls due to line errors was a constant cause of concern, members believed, and they have written to Calderdale Council about the matter.

The council next meets on Monday, June 18, at the Community Meeting Room at Todmorden Fire Station (7.15pm).