Specialist called in to rescue deer

AN injured deer had to be tranquilised by dart gun in order to rescue it safely last week.

The rescue, at lunchtime last Thursday, took place after a deer had become trapped on river banking bordering Todmorden High School and initially there was some consternation when a man with a gun arrived in the vicinity.

But it was Todmorden-based live animal capture specialist Peter Boddy, who had been called in by the fire service who had initially been alerted to the animal’s plight.

Mr Boddy explained that he had to assess the animal’s injuries, and following on from that how to deal with the animal.

He was mindful of the fact that if it was severely injured and fell down the banking it could have drowned.

“The animal was in severe distress, with a bruised shoulder and face, and it had cut its leg.

“We could see it was ‘carrying’ a leg. We had a close look at it and could tell it had only bruised it.

“I explained to the fire officer what we were going to do and used the tranquilliser dart. Then we put the deer on the banking to check it out.

“We brought it back here to recuperate and have now released the deer back into the wild,” he said.

Mr Boddy said he was often called in by the authorities - whether emergency services like the fire and police services or organisations like the RSPCA - to deal with situations like this one.

As well as working in the agriculture and wholesale meat and slaughter business for many years he has long been interested in special breeds and has been a live animal capture specialist for two decades.