Specialist children’s A&E would be based in Calderdale hospital

Calderdale Royal Hospital
Calderdale Royal Hospital

Families in Halifax and Huddersfield would be served by a specialist children’s A&E for the first time - based at an expanded Calderdale hospital.

The proposed Paediatric Emergency Centre would bring together all the medical and surgical services for children onto one site.

It would be based at Calderdale Royal alongside a centralised Emergency Care Centre and 24-7 Urgent Care Centre.

Families would be encourage to ring the non-emergency NHS 111 helpline first if their child was sick, and would be directed to the best place for treatment.

The draft consultation report said: “This could be a pharmacy for advice on self-care, the child’s own GP practice, an Urgent Care Centre or the Paediatric Emergency Centre.

“If the advice was to attend the Urgent Care Centre this would be the one nearest to where they live and a booked appointment would be made by NHS 111.”

Consultant-led maternity care was centralised at Calderdale Royal in 2006, and both hospitals have widwife-led birth units. The report said: “These arrangements would remain unchanged but the development of the Emergency Centre would mean that all necessary supporting services were on the same site.”

More maternity services, including antenatal, postnatal and delivery, would also be offered outside of hospital.