Specialist unit fights moor fire

FIREFIGHTERS from Todmorden have been among crews tackling a large blaze on Calderdale moorland.

The specialist wildfire unit based at Todmorden Fire Station was called into action to help firefighters in the battle to put out the fire on Ovenden Moor, in Wainstalls.

The fire began on Saturday and more than 20 firefighters remained at the scene on Tuesday as attempts continued to extinguish the blaze using a range of specialist equipment.

At one stage a helicopter took water from Ogden Water to drop on the scorched earth from above.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

It is believed to have been fuelled by underground peat igniting, dry conditions and strong winds.

Weeks of dry weather have left moorland across the borough vulnerable to blazes but rain is forecast later in the week.

The fire has led to fresh pleas for people planning on visiting moorland to take care in order to prevent accidentally starting fires.