Spend on other buildings and sell it for £1

Wellfield Terrace,


THE proposal to spend £5 million plus on “modernising” the Town Hall is in my view money mis-spent.

The council would be required to contribute close on £1.5 million plus £500,000 for stone repairs.

To attempt to transform this Victorian building into a modern day civic centre with meeting rooms and function facilities will only produce a pig’s ear.

Perhaps council members ought to take a look at Whitworth Civic Centre, which is modern and provides all these facilities effectively.

The Rose Street site would be ideal for such a building.

The running costs of the Town Hall are approximately £80,000 a year. This could be sold for a nominal £1, relieving the community charge payer from further liabilities.

This is money that could be spent on developing the Community College for apprenticeships and adult qualification courses, funding the modernisation of Todmorden College and and providing modern office space in the town.

A referendum should be held before any money is spent on “modernisation”, other than safeguarding the stone work.