Springing to life at the farm

A 'hello' to the mums from Shade School pupils at Ramsden Farm
A 'hello' to the mums from Shade School pupils at Ramsden Farm

Hundreds of people flocked to Ramsden Farm, Walsden, from schools over Calderdale and families from Halifax, Rochdale and Burnley to see the new lambs.

The visitors helped with feeding and caring for the sheep and their new-born lambs, and many of the groups were lucky enough to see an actual birth. Schools also went on bug safaris and pond dipping to find out what spring was like for the smallest creatures on the farm.

This year visitors travelled out and about on the farm using their mapping skills. Whilst on their travels they produced stick maps to support follow up work in the classroom. This activity included a visit to the historic sites on the farm and think about life was like in Todmorden over 100 years ago.

The farm remains open for visits until October half term. All visits are free as the educational unit at Ramsden is sponsored by Natural England. The aim is to get children out into the countryside, raise awareness of where their food comes from and to give them a deeper understanding of the wider environment.

Why not bring your class for an end of year treat. We organise fun days with lots of games and activities for the children to get involved in and learn about the countryside.

Anyone wishing to visit the farm should contact Yvonne Howarth on 01706 813583, mobile 07946331783 or email howarth193@btinternet.com to arrange a date.