Station is on the right track

Todmorden Train Station, platform one - Manchester bound train
Todmorden Train Station, platform one - Manchester bound train

A TOTAL of 460,000 passengers used Todmorden Railway Station last year as the number of people using trains increased for the sixth consecutive year.

Todmorden saw one of the biggest increases in Calderdale in 2009/10, news which has been welcomed by Todmorden Station Partnership.

Secretary Graham Proudlove said: “We are really pleased with these figures.

“There has been a lot of talk about cars and car parking. It has been said that there are going to be more cars on the road and there’s not going to be a lot more parking space.

“The more people who use the train and visit the town the better.

“The railway station is like the front door to the town. When people get off the train it’s important they feel they are coming to a friendly town, a town where people know they will feel welcome.”

Mr Proudlove felt that Platform One Gallery, the library on the Manchester platform and the children’s artwork on display in the waiting room on the Leeds platform at the station all helped to create a happy journey for passengers.

“There’s a real community feel with people sitting and chatting to each other while waiting for the train,” he said.

“How many train stations have got an art gallery and a vegetable patch? We are unique.

“It’s very easy to forget that not so many years ago there was absolutely nothing on these platforms.

“The more as a community group we have done, the more Northern Rail has done to support us.”

There were 96,000 passengers using Walsden Rail Station last year, down from a peak of 133,000 in 2005/06.

The total number of rail passengers in Calderdale went up by 1,000 a week last year.

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