Stone Hair Art: The science behind good hair

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During hair emergencies we need talented problem solvers.

In the world of technology, hair consultations based on opinion, can now be based on science.
Technology can help solve problems never solved before.
Loucas Gorgio, artistic director at Stone Hair Art Salon inTodmorden, is passionate about how new science based services are implemented in his salon.
“Science is always measuring success.
“Sometimes our talent is measured in subtle ways we may not be fully aware of.
“Science has proven now that the better you look, for instance during an important engagement, the more successful you are assumed to be.
You elevate your chances.
“Look in your mirror and be honest, ask yourself, does your look convey success?
“You may be the best, but if you don’t look the part, sadly, you may miss out.
“For better or for worse, we’re wired that way, it’s in our nature; people still go by the cover of the book.”
It’s true that a recent scientific report claims to show most interviewers are more likely to assume a candidate has talent when they appeared better groomed.
Every client is unique; their hair has a unique code of energy.
Lifestyles unwittingly interrupt hair’s energy code.
Advanced assessment points out how to fully appreciate your hair’s uniqueness and keep it on track.
If you normally live in cold wet climates, but plan a couple of weeks in the dry desert sun, we can prepare your hair for the change because we work with its unique core, its energy code, its cellular structure.
Energy coding is part of each client’s free hair consultation; it creates a science based fact sheet, a starting point.
We email the report to you. It’s not based on opinions, trends or guesses; these are your hair’s scientific facts so you can make informed decisions,” Trevor Harding, manager at Stone, explains.
“We use science to enhance your natural beauty.
“We can reveal your hair’s true talents.
“It’s all about the lifestyle you share with your hair.
“Your hair has a particular cellular makeup, its structure and nature.
“Different environments add and subtract from that cellular makeup 24 hours a day.
“Our free consultation grades your hair’s energy and sends you the results.
“That’s the energy we have to work with and enhance to bring back your hair’s own natural beauty and shine.
“You want energetic hair that’s beautifully manageable without a lot of fuss, use energy coding.”
Why not improve your odds?
Start dropping some jaws.
Get a handle on your hair’s energy code.