Take care advice for cold weather

Health bosses are urging people, especially the elderly, to make sure they don’t become a victim of the bad weather.

People are being asked to take extra care to keep warm and stay safe during the cold weather and icy conditions.

Paul Johnstone, director for public health at NHS North of England, said: “The cold weather can bring an increased risk of chest infections, heart attacks and strokes for the elderly.

“To try to avoid this, our advice is to make sure your house is warm enough and resist the urge to save money on the heating bills.

“Making sure you wear a hat when you leave the house will also help you to stay warm.

“If you have an elderly parent, relative or neighbour, by just offering to go to the shops for them or gritting their garden path you can help them to stay indoors where it is warm and you could also be helping them avoid a trip to A & E.”