Take care as toads take to valley roads

Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer at Calderdale Council
Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer at Calderdale Council

Why did the toad cross the road? To get to the other side, of course!

This is what will be happening in the upper Calder Valley over the next few weeks and Calderdale Council is warning motorists to be aware.

The amphibians move back to their breeding ponds in spring and the council’s countryside service is also asking for volunteers to help them cross the roads

A long standing volunteer said: “We have been running Toad Patrols in Calderdale for several years and have rescued hundreds of toads. It’s really good fun and great to know we’re helping the plight of toads in the area.

“We’re eager to get more people volunteering though, and we want to hear from people with an interest in helping an unusual and charismatic amphibian for a few nights this month.”

Two important toad crossings have characteristic toad warning signs erected to notify road users to drive carefully and the council will soon be putting up these signs at Lumbutts and at Hebble End, Hebden Bridge.

There are also toad crossing areas at Woodhouse Road in Todmorden and Hebden Hey in Hebden Wood near Hardcastle Crags, which will be monitored over the coming weeks.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact the council’s countryside services on 01422 393214 or email Hugh.firman@calderdale.gov.uk

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