Tea room - with advice and support

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Dementia Friendly Todmorden group will be opening its usual monthly “DF Tea Rooms” doors at Todmorden Town Hall in Todmorden on Saturday, June 6, at noon to serve soup and sandwiches (with a smile) to those with dementia and a carer, as well as to other townspeople.

Todmorden Fire Station Watch Commander Geoff Shaw, a member of the group, said: “We’d like to welcome as many people as possible to our café, it’s only £2.50 per person and it is held on the first Saturday in every month.

“Many local businesses are offering their support and donations including Morrisons in Todmorden who have generously provided the food for the café free of charge every month.

“Word is starting to get round about the work that we’re trying to achieve.

“The money raised will be put back into the community to help make Todmorden a more Dementia Friendly place to be. Whilst we have all the people at our café, we’ll be able to offer support and guidance to carers and individuals.

“We can arrange Home Fire Safety visits, and signpost people to other relevant services if required.”

If you want more information about Dementia Friendly Todmorden it has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They can also be contacted by calling 07867 916456 or emailing dementiatod@gmail.com