Tell us your true story

Storytellers with unusual or funny tales about their own lives are needed for the second True Stories Told Live event at Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

The club hosted the first True Stories Told Live night in the north when the Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan, told a personal story of an inspiring teacher and new storytellers are needed for the next live event on Tuesday May 10.

It is a simple idea where a bunch of people having a drink in a small room listen to other people telling true stories.

A club spokesman said: “Audiences at other events have been fascinated by people who’ve had experiences, done jobs, been places and seen things that we haven’t.

“But other true stories have been quite simple tales of experiences we’ve all had.

“It might be a love affair, career reverses, problems with family or just being caught short on public transport!

“There are no auditions but the organisers would like to talk to you a few weeks beforehand and advise you how best to tell the story.”

Anyone who thinks they have a story to tell should contact Mal at