Temporary move plan for business

Permission for a temporary change of use to a shop premises is being sought as a solution for a business forced to make a temporary move.

Agents Halcrow, on behalf of Ms Claire Duffield, have applied to Calderdale Council for planning permission to temporarily relocate her business, Heavens Above nail bar, to 16 Halifax Road, Todmorden.

Heavens Above has to move temprarily while the Environment Agency undertakes £500,000 worth of remedial and rebuilding work at Waters Street, where the business is located, as part of its latest flood alleviation measures.

Three shops are affected by the works, historic buildings which overhang Walsden Water supported by cast iron frames. The EA aims to reconstruct the buildings in keeping with Water Street’s Conservation Area status. Work can not begin on the scheme earlier than March 24 because of the fish spawning season.

Sweeney’s of Todmorden has already relocated temporarily and a temporary home is also being sought for Self Image.

Halcrow’s supporting statement for the application says that the Halifax Road area is oversubscribed with non-reatil businesses but are requesting a personal consent so the business can continue while the work is being carried out.

As the move in enforced there are strong compassionate grounds and it is only temporary.

The premises are currently vacant and there are no design or access issues involved, just the temporary change from its retail use (it was last a bridalwear shop).

Any representations on the application should be lodged with the council by March 1.