Testing the market, and forging links

NEW products which the Saker bakery hopes to develop include lines of bread and cakes, which bakers Karl Badger and Clare Stagg hope will provide an authentic Germanic experience.

It will mean some changes where cakes are concerned, and further visits to journey to get everything right, says Karl.

“We’re a vegan and vegetarian bakery but we will have to adapt to achieve the recipes, and we badly need to go back to the bakery in Bramsche and get more ‘hands on’,” he said.

“For example, poppy seed cake and plum cake, we can bake vegan. Things like cheesecakes will have to use quark, a popular German cheese.”

Karl hopes closer links can be forged with Justus bakery: “The ball’s now in our court to try and tie them in as a twin bakery - testing the market here and going back to work there,” he said.

The cakes are likeliest to be tried out first in local outlets in Todmorden and the best baking need not be too expensive.

“No compromise is our goal, keeping the focus on Bramsche. The Totally Locally campaign a few years ago made the point. We’d aim to keep prices similar to Germany,” said Karl.

Clare added: “In the cake and coffee shop at Osnabruck things like cheesecakes and gateaux were not too expensive and the German people appreciated it, even though they know about these things.”

It’s clear Karl and Clare’s visit to Germany as 2011 drew to a close has inspired them, and they hope to get to work on new challenges and ideas in 2012.