The rubbish pile that kept on growing...

Rubbish dumped at the end of Barker Street, Todmorden
Rubbish dumped at the end of Barker Street, Todmorden

Angry residents protested to the council to tackle a growing ‘pile of rubbish’ on a Todmorden street, as fly-tippers continued to dump there

The rubbish pile on Barker Street was there for more than a month after metal fencing was put up around a house on the street and it is not known how or who is responsible for the fly-tipping.

Cath Naylor, a resident on the street, said: “It’s a health hazard and a lot of young children play out on this street. It has been a month since this rubbish was dumped on the road.

“The road is negotiable but it is not ideal, and it it is an eyesore.”

Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Ian Gray, said: “We take fly-tipping very seriously. Dumping waste in any area is classed as fly-tipping; it can spoil the environment and looks unsightly.

“Our officers are aware of this incident, and have spoken to local residents, to help us find out who’s responsible.

“We will not hesitate to prosecute fly-tippers but we need clear evidence to do so. Anyone who has information on this, or any other instance of fly tipping, is urged to contact the Environmental Health team on 01422 392379.

“In the meantime, we are taking action to remove the waste.”