Thoughtful wishes in our day’s celebration of dignity

Sylvia Halliwell at the wish wall with Jean Gotts and Yvonne Coates
Sylvia Halliwell at the wish wall with Jean Gotts and Yvonne Coates

RESIDENTS, staff, families and visitors came together to celebrate Dignity Action Day at a senior citizens’ home this month.

Ferney Lee Old People’s home took part in the day, organised nationally by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) on February 1.

The day featured a quiz, an afternoon singing session and afternoon tea including cucumber sandwiches and a special celebration cake.

A key part of the day was the dignity star, said activities co-ordinator Yvonne Coates. In the afternoon each resident made a star wish, and many wishes were quite emotional and thoughtful, said Yvonne.

“The day went really well. Everyone enjoyed it and family members were welcomed to come and join in,” she said.

Dignity Action Day’s champion is broadcaster Michael Parkinson.

Supporting the day raises awareness of the importance of dignity in care, provides people with an extra special day and reminds society that the dignity of those in our community is not the sole responsibility of health and social care staff - everyone has a role to play.

It also reminds the public that staff also have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, said a spokesman for SCIE.

Dignity champion Mr Parkinson says: “It might well be that the difference people make individually is a mere ripple on the surface of our care system but each of those ripples added together create a wave, a social movement, and if this makes life better for some, then it has to be worthwhile.”