Three are honoured

Calder Valley trio honoured: Chris McCafferty, Douglas Wilson and Peter Coles at the ceremony
Calder Valley trio honoured: Chris McCafferty, Douglas Wilson and Peter Coles at the ceremony

ANOTHER ten names - three of them from the upper Calder Valley - will be chipped into marble after the latest group of Freemen and Freewomen of the Borough were appointed.

The group of ten were watched on by their proud families at a 50-minute ceremony at Halifax Town Hall.

The eight men and two women were nominated by a cross-party panel of councillors in August last year.

Douglas Wilson was honoured for his years of work in the voluntary sector. A former solicitor, he is involved with the Abraham Ormerod War Memorial Fund, St John’s Ambulance and Age Concern amongst others.

He said: “I am very happy for myself and the family. Todmorden has been a wonderful community to work with. You certainly think back to all the people you’ve worked with as you stand there.

“Through my work with the St John’s ambulance I covered the whole of Calderdale but Todmorden has been a wonderful place to work.”

His wife Heather paid tribute to her husband. “The whole family is very proud. We’re so grateful to Coun Olwen Jennings for putting him forward. He doesn’t ever put himself forward so it’s a huge honour someone else did.”

Former Calder Valley MP and former Luddenden Foot councillor Chris McCafferty said she was “delighted” to receive the honour.

Looking back she said one of her proudest achievements was getting the investigation into the Shipman murders to incorporate the Calder Valley. “I was very proud of getting the West Yorkshire Police force to look at Shipman in the Calder Valley and seeing the subsquent inquiry expanded. It wasn’t pleasant but it meant a lot to people,” she said.

The third Calder Valley citizen to receive the accolade was former councillor for Luddenden Foot Peter Coles. “I am very honoured to be among the people here. I am delighted to share the day with them,” he said.

The only other list of Freemen and Freewomen since Calderdale Council came into being in 1974 was approved in 2000.

It was decided a new group should be appointed to mark the start of the new decade.