Todmorden Christian Fellowship: Looking to the year to come

Todmorden Christian Fellowship members reflect on 2014 and look ahead to the new year
Todmorden Christian Fellowship members reflect on 2014 and look ahead to the new year

Another Year, another beginning. So how was 2014 for you ?

Good, bad, ugly, or just another year? January is a good time to look back, as well as forward, writes Rita Frayne.

As a town we have had a busy year with so many people working hard to make great things happen.

I feel proud to belong to such a great community.

So what about the year to come? It’s often a time to think about new beginnings; yet with the Christmas lull, the dark days and the cold it’s not an easy thing to do.

So as you put away the decorations and re-cycle the Christmas cards take a little time to think about the year to come.

Life can be dull sometimes and we need a push to get out of old routines that can bog us down.

Do you fancy something new? There’s plenty to choose from in Todmorden: Singing, dancing, craft groups, art, walking, lunch-clubs, etc. You could also join one of many groups helping others in a variety of ways.

So go for it, if you’re scared drag a friend along too.

We at the Todmorden Christian Fellowship open our doors for another year to come, as we seek to find out what God has in store for us. We are continually amazed at what God is doing in Todmorden and valley.

As well as meeting on Sunday afternoons at Central Methodist Church, many of us at the Fellowship are involved with others doing things in the town, including youth work, the Food Drop-in, children’s events, visiting, helping out and praying for the town.

Not because we want to be “do gooders”, but to practise what we preach.

As we take stock, both as a church and as individuals we look to the things we did well and mistakes made.

We are glad to have a God that accepts our mistakes, wipes our slate clean, and helps us start again.

One of my favourite quotes from Christmas TV was from Victoria Wood’s hands in ‘That Day We Sang’.

“If we weren’t meant to make mistakes we wouldn’t have pencils with a rubber on the end,” she wrote.

Food for thought.

We at the Todmorden Christian Fellowship wishes you all a Happy New Year, with God’s blessings for you and your families for the year to come.

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